In response to the dynamic growth of the automotive industry in Asia, Indonesia as one of the automotive manufacturers and exporters tries to meet the large-scale market sales.

PT Sumitomo Indonesia's Automotive Department has been engaged in international trade by providing import and export services of automotive components to OEM Manufacturers. We continuously strive to achieve customer fulfillment by providing valuable services to our customers and pursuing to develop and grow with them as reliable business partners.

Enthusiastic on becoming the best among the good, PT Sumitomo Indonesia provides diverse solutions to meet the growing demands of manufactures and consumers. On the other hand, we are offering the whole supply chain services for automotive business, such as procurement and supply of components.

To provide support on that matter, our automotive division combines business with sourcing and logistics to accomplish customer satisfaction. Moreover, PT Sumitomo Indonesia is not only engaged in simple import and export services but also acquaint with overseas suppliers or users and generate several of logistic services such as just-in-time service of parts to clients.


Export and Import for CBU Vehicles

PT Sumitomo Indonesia is conducting import and export services of completely built-up vehicles to South East Asia in cooperation with domestic and overseas clients or motor vehicles manufacturers utilizing our global logistics network.

Export and Import Parts for an Automobile Production

PT Sumitomo Indonesia also exports and imports parts for passenger cars to overseas cars manufactures. Since 2002, besides facilitating the aforementioned services, our supply chain includes total logistics coordination that involves order, shipment, import process, warehousing, and just-in-time delivery to our customers. In 2009, collaborated with overseas Sumitomo Corporation Group, we exported and delivered components on JIT to OEM Manufacturer abroad. Biggest value-added function for our project is the logistics function that contributes to major income.

Tyre Business

Besides general tyres, PT Sumitomo Indonesia also supplies mining transportation vehicle tyres such as haul truck tyres. We supply world well-known brand of large size tyres for haul trucks at the one of the worlds' biggest gold-copper mining companies. We have earned the trust in supplying  tyres steadily to support the smooth transportation of mining projects.

Logistic Services

Through our established and strong relationship with leading logistics companies, PT Sumitomo Indonesia provides high quality logistics support. Leveraging our global network, we are also able to introduce a variety of logistics services to clients.